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Help Center

Having an issue? Here are a few simple steps that will help you now. 

Restart To Reconnect Your Equipment.

90% of all connectivity issues are solved by simply power cycling the equipment.

Having problems with your Internet connection? The best thing to do first is power cycle (restart) both your router and wireless equipment. 

Reset your Skytech internet connection by following these steps:

  1. Locate your Internet Power Supply (POE), see diagram below.

  2. Unplug your Internet Power Supply from your outlet/wall plug.

  3. Wait 60 seconds before reconnecting.

  4. If you have a router, unplug (power down) for 60 seconds.

  5. Once both are reconnected wait 2 to 3 minutes then check your computer for Internet.

  6. If you are connected to a router and there is still an issue you can, bypass your router by unplugging from the internet port and

  7. plugging directly into your PC, gaming counsel or TV. If it works at this time the router is the issue. 

  8. If none of these steps resolve your issue please Contact Us.